Each Futura One apartment is a complete space in itself. The design is fluid and integrated, with no unnecessary columns, walls or corners. There are no partitions, just one clean space, offering an unbroken view and boundless freedom. As just one space, it is endlessly expansive.

Its form is the direct product of functional rationality. It is a balance reached between the need for durability against earthquakes and winds, and the integrity of the one, uninterrupted interior space. The sturdy beams are exposed, with no attempt to conceal them, naturally giving shape to a unique design language. The straightforward and minimal form is the result of precise engineering calculations and good design. Its structure is its style.

The beams and pillars form a strong and intense presence. Yet the French windows that reach from floor to ceiling on each level create a curvilinear and gradually changing outline that recalls a mountain ridge bathed in sunlight. The building façade reflects the sunlight from different angles on each level, the rhythmic play of light and shadow forming a poetic contrast with the sturdy structure of exposed concrete.

The building uses plain concrete with natural stones mixed in to provide sufficient earthquake resistance and to create the elegant and pastel aesthetics often seen in European architecture. The concrete is poured and set in the largest molds available, imported from Germany, to minimize formwork seams.

The building uses window frames by the century-old Swiss brand Jansen. The frames, featuring a slender profile and barely visible silica gel joints, are highly durable and offer excellent fire protection. The windowpanes, AGC from Europe, shield the interior from heat, sunlight and noise. The frame and windowpanes combine to create a glass façade that stretches like a mountain ridge and engages in a continuous interplay with light, alternating between brightness and shadows.

Gray Granite limestone from India is used for the building’s entrance. The pillars at the seven lower levels are poured with concrete and reinforced with high-strength steel rebars to achieve strong earthquake resistance.